Benefits of Grain Free for your dog 🌾

By: Mattie Hanahoe

On: April 25 2023

What's all the fuss about?

When it comes to choosing your dog’s food, there’s a lot of noise out there about what diet you should be providing for them. At the end of the day, this choice is one of the most important things you can do for their health. Feeding your pup high quality, nutritious meals will keep them healthy, happy and even contribute to a longer life by your side. 

Amidst the claims made by dog food brands in recent years has been the term, ‘Grain Free’. But what does this really mean and why should this be a factor of consideration when choosing your dog food? Here are just a handful of the health benefits a grain free diet can provide for your furry friends.


1. Digestion 

One of things you will notice when switching your dog to a grain free diet is that their poops will be smaller and less frequent. The reason for this is because grain free dog food is nutritionally dense using easily digestible ingredients, meaning your pooch absorbs the majority of the nutrients in their meals and disposes of far less. The large amounts of corn and wheat found in most standard dog food recipes contain a lot of fibre which dogs cannot digest properly. Crazy i know, but dogs are actually biologically incapable of fully digesting grains due to their lack of amylase, which is an enzyme that breaks down starchy carbohydrates.This means, their food fills them up but cannot be absorbed and goes straight through them without contributing any nutrients to their bodies. At Oscar’s Farm, we are often asked why the recommended portions appear much smaller than what their dog is used to. The reason for this is the lack of grain in our recipes and higher protein levels, meaning less food is required to fuel your dog’s energy and provide the necessary nutrition to support their overall health. 


2. Skin & Coat 

If your dog's coat is looking dull and coarse, it’s likely as a result of their diet. Switching to a grain free diet can have an immediate effect on the appearance of their coat. Why is this the case? Research indicates that this is largely as a result of the elimination of grain, replaced by higher levels of healthier ingredients, containing plenty of omega fatty acids. This is also extremely beneficial if you have a dog that suffers from skin irritation, a very common issue in many breeds today. Grain rich dog food can cause itchy, dry, irritated and inflamed skin, often leading to infection and loss of fur. A grain free diet like Oscar’s Farm can keep your pups skin in prime condition due to the higher quality ingredients, rich in omega 3 and fatty acids. So, If you haven’t tried Oscar’s Farm yet, fetch your trial box today and watch the magic of our grain free, fresh pressed recipes transform your dog's coat before your eyes. A shiny coat is a true sign of a healthy pup!

3. Increased energy levels

Cheaper dog foods contain mostly processed grains which have most of their outer layer value stripped away in order to improve the taste, colour and texture, however this means your dog burns the energy from these grains much faster, experiencing spikes in their blood sugar levels followed by sharp dips. Grain free meals contain much fewer of these easily digestible carbohydrates, resulting in more consistent blood sugar levels and thus, providing more energy throughout the day. Grain free recipes also contain higher levels of protein to replace these cheap, bulky grains. Protein is the primary source of energy for dogs therefore the increased amount of protein present in grain free recipes is thought to be a key benefit. 

4. No more stink!

We all love our dogs and don’t want to turn down their licks of affection, but sometimes their bad breath can be too much to handle. Did you know that bad breath is mostly as a result of their diet? Dog food that contains a lot of grain has been proven to leave a film over your dog’s teeth that leads to a buildup of bacteria in their mouth. Yes, this can be easily brushed away but we don’t always have time to brush our dog's teeth, and those in between, brushing periods don’t have to be smelly ones. Grain Free food doesn’t leave the same film on their teeth, significantly reducing the odour from their mouths. Let them lick!

Grains are also known to cause lots of nose-pinching gas, which for us humans is not pleasant, but did you know it can be even more unpleasant for your dog? Excessive stinky farts can be a sign of severe digestive issues as a result of poor quality food. At Oscar’s Farm, we use zero grain in our recipes so our food does not swell and bloat inside your dog’s tummy, instead breaking down easily for dreamy digestion and gut health.

To summarise, food containing lots of processed grain may be the cheaper alternative and yes, your dog may seem to  enjoy it and feel full after their meals, however the long term impact of a grain rich diet can have a notable impact on their overall long term heath. Choosing a grain free diet often means choosing a higher quality, more nutritious diet for your dog to combat the lack of low cost, unnecessary and difficult to digest grains. Oscar’s Farm uses natural, nutrient rich ingredients that are easily digestible to support skin, coat, bone and gut health. Healthy stools and improved breath are an added bonus too!

I hope this gives you some clarity on what we mean when we say our food is ‘grain free’ and why it should be a factor of consideration when choosing the right diet for your beloved four legged friends. 

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