Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after my first order?

Pawsitive is a subscription based service delivering monthly to your door. Following your 14-day trial, your dog’s tailored box will be billed and delivered every 30 days so you never need to worry about running out of dog food again.

How can I manage my subscription?

After completing your first order, you will be able to create your Pawsitive account. Here you can easily manage your upcoming deliveries with options to reschedule, change recipes/portions, cancel at any time and lot’s more. Customers have complete control over their subscription

What is Fresh Pressed?

Fresh Pressed is a new breed of dog food that combines the best parts of wet, raw and dry. Fresh pressed uses all natural ingredients, cooked at a low temperature to retain all of the nutrients and flavours and then pressed into the crunchy food dogs love. It is nutritionally complete, full of probiotics, grain free and hypoallergenic so great news for dogs with allergies. With zero nasty additives or artificials Pawsitive fresh pressed food is the no.1 choice for your pooch. All the nutrition of home cooked with the convenience of dry.

How much does Pawsitive cost?

Pricing depends on numerous factors so you can fill out our online quiz which will perfectly portion a monthly box based on your dog’s weight, breed, age, activity levels and much more. Our tailored boxes, with 3 delicious recipes to choose from are competitively priced with the best quality ingredients used.

What happens if there is an issue with my delivery?

Our customer support team is available from 9-5, Monday to Friday to assist you with any problems you may have in relation to your account or deliveries. Just send them an email at info@pawsitivedogfood.com and they will be able to help you :)

What if I run out of food sooner than my next delivery is due?

If you notice you’re running low on food and your next delivery isn’t due for a few more days, you can opt to ‘Order now’ in your account dashboard. If this is a recurring problem, you can easily adjust your portion sizes through your dog's profile in your account.

How much should I feed my dog per day?

When you complete our online quiz, we will recommend your dog’s daily portion sizes based on the information provided. This is easily accessible in their profile through your account.

Does your quiz accommodate for a growing puppy?

We will recommend your puppy’s daily portions based on the details provided on the day you fill out our online quiz. You will also receive a welcome pack with your first box containing a feeding guide for your growing puppy. Keep an eye on this as they grow as you may need to log in to your account and update their portions in their profile. When your puppy hits their 1st birthday you will need to reduce their portions as their growth begins to slow down. For accurate portions, you can use our calculator here: ‘link to calculator’ to make sure your pup is receiving the correct amount of food each month :)

I have too much food - Can I delay my next delivery?

You can log in to your Pawsitive account and easily reschedule your next delivery to whatever date suits you best or alternatively select to postpone by 1, 2 or 4 weeks.

How do I transition my dog from their current food to Pawsitive?

Your trial box will contain a welcome pack with everything you need to know for a healthy and happy transition to Pawsitive.

I need to update my address or card details

You can update any of your information from address to bank card under the my profile section of your account.

Can I add another dog to my account?

If you go to the ‘Dogs’ tab in your account you will find the option to add a new furry family member under your existing dog’s profile.

How do I refer a friend to receive a discount off my next order?

If your dog loves Pawsitive, you can share this love with a friend to receive 20% off your next box. Every customer has their own unique link for referring friends. If you log in to your account and go to the ‘Free food’ tab, you will find your unique code here. If your friends order using this link in their quiz, you will both receive 20% off your next box.

My payment hasn’t gone through.

If there is an issue regarding your payment, you should receive an email informing you of this. Check for sufficient funds or update your payment method through your account under ‘My profile’ before contacting our customer support team to re-try the payment for you.

How can I change my dog’s recipe?

If your dog likes to mix things up, you can easily change their recipe through your account. Just go to the ‘Dogs’ tab and click ‘Edit’ under their existing recipe. We have delicious Chicken, Lamb & Salmon recipes to choose from.

Is Pawsitive Nutritionally complete?

Our fresh pressed recipes are nutritionally complete using premium ingredients so no extra supplements are required to keep your dog healthy and full of energy.