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Fresh Pressed

Did you know that most dog food is cooked with extreme heat aka "extruded". This method of "cooking" means all the natural nutrients and flavours are removed, with meat meals and nasties added.

How does Pawsitive compare to traditional dry dog food when it comes to gut health and digestion?

Try this at home! Take Pawsitive vs. traditional dry dog food and add a drop of water to each

Stir, wait & watch! Look at what happens to traditional dry dog food. It swells, bloats and doesn't break down at all

Pawsitive is nutritionally dense so it breaks down easily, allowing for dreamy digestion inside your dog's tummy

How much does Pawsitive cost?

Pawsitive VS
Other Brands

How much does Pawsitive cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Pawsitive and other dry dog food brands?

Did you know that most dog food is cooked with extreme heat aka "extruded"? This method of "cooking" means all of the natural nutrients and flavours are removed. To accommodate this, the food is powered by meat meals, additives and nasty artificials. This lack of nutritional substance leads to swelling and bloating inside your dog’s tummy. Dog owners are often oblivious to this due to crafty and confusing label tricks. Pawsitive uses whole natural ingredients, gently cooked at a low temperature to retain all the good stuff and then pressed into the crunchy food dogs adore. Nutritionally complete, great for sensitive tummies, no artificials, additives or label tricks.

Is Pawsitive an economical choice for dog food?

Our fresh pressed food is not just healthy for your pooch but also strives towards a healthy planet. We’re committed to limiting our carbon pawprint and helping you and your pooch do the same by using recyclable packaging and 100% carbon neutral deliveries. The meat and fish used in our fresh pressed recipes are also responsibly raised and sustainably sourced.

How does fresh pressed compare to a raw diet?

Pawsitive has similar nutritional value to a raw diet but without the risks. Many studies have shown that pets who eat a raw diet have high levels of potentially disease-causing bacteria in their stomachs, which is not what you want for your growing pooch. A raw diet Is also very expensive to maintain compared to fresh pressed which offers competitive pricing for the quality of ingredients used.

What are the benefits of fresh pressed?

Dental health benefits: dry food encourages dogs to chew their food, which aids in the prevention of tartar build-up and secondary periodontal diseases. Stimulation: Dry food is more versatile for integrating into food puzzles and slow feeders that will be super important for your dogs cognitive development, stimulation and quality of life. Gut health: Our Fresh Pressed food is nutritionally dense and full of natural probiotics, therefore it breaks down easily inside your dog’s tummy to give your pup the best gut health. Convenience: compared to wet food, dry food is much easier to portion, has a longer shelf-life, doesn’t spoil when left out so it’s great for grazers and you don’t have to make space in your fridge or freezer. Tailored: Pawsitive perfectly portions a monthly box based on your dog’s age, weight, breed, activity levels, ect. which is delivered straight to your door every month.